Precast Concrete Manufacturer in Ohio

NPCA Yoakum Award

We are proud to announce that Chuck Babbert is the 2015 recipient of the NPCA Yoakum Award. This award makes the Babbert family one of only four familys with multi-generational Yoakum Award recipients.

Video of Chuck babbert receiving the 2015 NPCA Yoakum Award

NPCA Precast Inc. Magazine

Another milestone for the Babbert family in 2015; E.C. was featured as a Precast Pioneer in Precast Inc. Magazine March/April 2015 edition


Employment Opportunities

Drug Free Workplace Bulletin Board


The E.C. Babbert Difference

E.C. Babbert, Inc. has over 45 years experience working with various city, county, state and federal agencies and can assure you that our product designs meet their various requirements and specifications.

Over the years we have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and experience by working with contractors, developers, engineers, and agencies, developing and designing a product that has earned us the reputation of quality, expertise, and service for which E.C. Babbert is so well known.

High Strength Concrete

Our high strength concrete meets and exceeds the high standards of an NPCA certified plant. All of our concrete is batched in our own plant by a certified concrete technician and is guaranteed at a minimum 28 day strength of 4500 psi or greater, which exceeds most specification requirements. Between our two plant locations, we staff 6 NPCA, ACI Field Testing, and ACI Strength Testing Technicians as required by the NPCA Certified Plant, ODOT, & the City of Columbus Construction Division.

Custom Design Support

We will work with design engineers as well as individuals to provide ideas and practices to create products that will perform as intended, are durable, and cost effective. Detail drawings can be provided for approvals prior to production at no additional expense. (Exception being OEPA design / submittal drawings.)


We stock a large inventory of concrete products, as well as accessory items for sewage treatment plant installations. We have geared our business to fast design and production of special products. We understand your needs, and speak your language.


We require our suppliers to meet top quality standards, from aggregates to valves, and can consequently assure our customers of receiving high quality concrete products and systems built from the best available materials.

Our Guarantee

For all of these reasons we can confidently guarantee that...

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E.C. Babbert, Inc.
7415 Diley Rd., P.O. Box 203
Canal Winchester, OH, 43110

Local: 614.837.8444
Toll Free: 800.438.2880
Fax: 614.837.1198

ODOT Approved

E.C. Babbert is certified in accordance with ODOT Supplement 1073 and certified by the City of Columbus.

NPCA Certified Plant

NPCA represents manufacturers of precast concrete products. E.C. Babbert is proud to be a NPCA certified plant and to be winner of the Yoakum Award, NPCA’s highest honor.