Light Pole Base

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Our precast concrete Light Pole Base can be made in 6', 8' and 10' heights.   There are four pvc conduit lines running through the middle of the Light Pole Base providing options for running your cables.   Your light pole will mount to the base by utilizing four studs cast into the base.   The size and location of these studs and the location of the conduit vary depending on job specifications.

This video shows the manufacture and installation of the E. C. Babbert, Inc precast concrete Light Pole Base. Our precast Light Pole Base is designed for durability reaching 4400 PSI at 3 days with an air entrainment of 6% +/-2%. Our form is designed to allow proper bolt placement every time. Our precast base greatly reduces the time required to set Light Poles plus the weather is not as significant a factor in istallation. Using our precast Light Pole Base will definately save you time and money on your project.


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